Green Bean Arabica Lintong Hutapaung


Origin: Huta Paung
Region: Pollung
Altitude: 1500-1550 mdpl
Varieties: Sigararutang,Tipika, Lasuna
Processing Method: Full Wash
Roasting Profile: Medium Roast
Cupping Notes: Smooth, Syrupy Body, Caramel, Nutty, Herbal Notes
Aroma: *****
Body: ****
Acidity: ***
Sweetness: ****



It’s our Signature Coffee, derived from our own family’s coffee plantation in Huta Paung village, Humbang Hasundutan district, North Sumatera. When this coffee is brewed the whole room will smell nice and this coffee becomes our best coffee. This coffee is perfect for those who like mild coffee.


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